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Pet Travel by Air Worldwide

About Global Delivery Express Services can arrange pet travel by air for you. We can do as much or as little of the organisation as you want, to fit in with your personal travel plans, your budget, and your animals’ needs. Complementary services include airport collection and delivery, quarantine services and boarding for your animal at either end of the journey


Our air freight services

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Accredited IATA cargo agent. This means we have partnership status with all airlines that provide pet air travel and offer competitive rates. Whether it’s a direct flight or a more complex journey — say, from Spain to New Zealand via London — we can organise it for you. We can usually book pets onto the same flight as you, or on a flight that lands at a similar time, so that you can avoid an extra trip to the airport. We also offer airport collection and delivery services in the UK, France and Spain. We can provide an experienced animal courier to accompany animals on flights; or we can charter private aircraft for you and your pets.


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Animals travelling by air must have a suitable travel box. We can provide standard plastic travel boxes or custom-made wooden travel boxes to suit all species, that meet IATA guidelines. We’ll ask you for your pet’s dimensions and weight so that we can make sure it has the right size travel box..