Transportation By Road

Transportation By Road

 Minfi-cm  provides a safe, reliable service for pet travel by road throughout Europe and the UK. Our couriers are experienced drivers and our vehicles are customised with comfortable travel compartments and security features. We aim to make pet road travel an affordable service while prioritising the animals' welfare and safety.




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On the Journey

Our pet couriers are trained and experienced animal handlers

We have a range of custom-fitted vehicles, all with air-conditioning and/or electric airflow

We provide appropriate accommodation for each type and size of animal — we’ll ask you for your pet’s dimensions and weight so that we can make sure it has a comfortable travel compartment.

We follow a strict cleaning and disinfection regime

Our journeys incorporate time to clean, feed and exercise the pets

Overnight stops at secure locations ensure animals have sufficient rest

If transporting pets by road isn’t feasible or you’re travelling beyond Europe, we also offer an animal air travel service

You can follow your pet’s progress on our — or feel free to give us a call

London deliveries are generally made in the evening — it’s quicker, and so better for animal welfare