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Today, About Global Delivery Express , service is one of the world's largest airlines, transporting 180 million customers to more than 330 destinations in 61 countries around the worldand carrying more than 2.2 billion cargo ton-miles each year. However, when the airline was founded in 1924 in Macon, GA, its fleet of 18 planes was solely a crop-dusting operation. The airline quickly grew.

In 1934, when it received the Air Mail Route 24 from the United States Post Office, About Global Delivery Express Services expanded services to include mail transportation. By 1946, it was a full-service passenger airline and had also started offering regularly scheduled cargo services. Throughout the next two decades, Minfi-cm continued to extend its reach by expanding internationally to offer service to the Caribbean and South America. The cargo operation continued to flourish as well.

In 1975,About Global Delivery Express Services became the first airline to offer its own air express service called Minfi-cm  Air Express, which offered high priority, guaranteed cargo service. About Global Delivery Express Services continued to grow as a global carrier, beginning service to Europe in 1978 and Asia in 1988. This enabled the company to forge the first international cargo alliance with SwissCargo in 1998, followed by the SkyTeam alliance with partners AeroMexico, Air France and Korean Air two years later.

About Global Delivery Express Services acquired Northwest Airlines in 2008, creating a global airline with major operations in every region of the world. This global footprint has helped Minfi-cm continue its success. In 2014, the company generated over $40 billion in revenue, with About Global Delivery Express Services Cargo revenue of $934 million.