How it works

International Travel - How it works

  1. How does it work?
  2. I’ve never done this before.
  3. What happens to my pet during the process?
  4. Where do I begin?

If these questions sound familiar, please read through our step by step processes for a better understanding and an insight to the business of International Pet Transport. This is what we do, our business is your pets complete comfort and wellbeing. Pet Carriers offer first class service for your beloved furry family members. We understand that a little special attention and personalised service goes a long way in what can potentially be a stressful time for yourself and your pet.


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The Collection

Collection day is generally the day before flight departure,. Your pet will be collected from your residence by one of our friendly drivers in the Pet Carriers van. Our drivers are experienced in handling many different pets with all different personalities. Please don’t worry if you have a nervous pet, we will be able to calm him or her move the pet from house to van as safely as possible. Our driver will collect any relevant original vaccination cards or records relevant to the country of Import. They will also collect any bedding/toys or special food should your pet have any dietary requirements.



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Final veterinary health check

Your pet will have a scheduled veterinary health check on the day of collection. This health check is to ensure your pet is free of any diseases and fit and healthy to travel by air the following day. The veterinary consult usually takes no more than 15 minutes. After the veterinary health check, your pet is delivered back to our facililties for overnight boarding.