Melbourne VIC, September 25, 2015 --( Care and comfort matter to Snappy Pet Food Delivery as much as it matters to their clients and pets. When customers are away, Snappy Pet Food Delivery doesn’t want them to have the slightest worry – though your treasured companions will likely always stay in your thoughts.

Snappy Pet Food Delivery is a team of individuals dedicated to care and protecting your precious pet. Their quality of service is number one with their clients.

Snappy Pet Food Delivery's specialty is in same day pet food delivery. You won't find another supplier that can make that kind of guarantee.

It's easy to get started. All you need to do is sign up for the service. The customer pays a monthly fee that allows Snappy Pet Food Delivery to deliver directly to their residence the requested products of food for their pet. They shop for them at well known large pet food and product retailers. Or if specialty products are required they can be provided by smaller local vendors so they can also deliver these to customers for their convenience, all at the monthly membership delivery rate.


A dog’s tail wagging could be worth a thousand words, and with the help of a new gadget, we’re a little closer to translating its message.

Believing a dog’s tail is a window to the canine soul, founders of Sydney-based tech company created a smart device to help owners decode the messages transmitted when pups wag their tails and better understand the emotional lives of their furry friends.

TailTalk is a lightweight sensor that sits on a dog’s tail and documents the peaks and valleys of the pup’s feelings throughout the day, according to the creators.

“It basically combines an accelerometer and a gyroscope much like the Fitbit, but it’s picking up on the way the tail is moving,” DogStar Life COO and co-founder Mike Karp said in an interview with Yahoo News.

“The idea is to capitalize on all the research that’s been done in the last two to three years on what tail movement means, and translating that into emotion.



QUEENSLAND (QLD) -- The ABC7 I-Team is exposing complaints against drivers who make deliveries for a popular shipping company.

The customers say they chose ISPT to transport their dogs. The Internet-based company uses a bidding process using independent contractors to get your delivery made - at a lower cost.

But the I-Team found that there have been some major problems with dogs not making it to their destinations.

A room in Darwin was going to be home for Hobart - a boarder collie who was recently being transported from Townsville